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To be the core program for the encouragement, promotion and development of young riders of all abilities in the sport of eventing throughout New England and New York, fostering inclusion of all in the youth eventing community


* To enhance enjoyment and involvement in the sport through an engaged and supportive youth eventing community
* To equip young riders with fundamental skills and knowledge to enable them to compete safely and competently in lower level competitions
* To provide a structured path for riders pursuing qualification and selection as performance athletes for upper level national competitions

What is the YR Program?

The Young Rider Program is offered through the United States Eventing Association for riders 21 years of age or younger. Each Area runs its own YR Program accommodating riders of all levels. The Young Rider program is divided into two sub-programs or branches: YRAP Young Rider Advancement Program and NAJYRC North American Junior and Young Rider Championships Program. The price to join the YR Program is $50 for riders competing at Training and below and $75 for those riders competing at Preliminary and above. Each Area program is facilitated by a volunteer Young Rider Coordinator.

YRAP Young Rider Advancement Program

This branch focuses on providing a wide variety of activities and provides support to riders at all levels in developing their individual goals. Its mission is to develop camaraderie among young riders and a commitment to the sport that will be carried on into their adult lives. The YRAP Program works with Horse Trial Organizers, Trainers, and other Organizations to provide many activities including camps, clinics, team competitions and educational opportunities. Our hope is to generate involvement early on, whether riders are aspiring to confidently compete in affiliated eventing at Beginner Novice Level or eventually the NAJYRC Program. The YRAP can help the region's Young Riders to realize their goals and eventually achieve the success they desire through dedication, teamwork and discipline.

NAJYRC North American Junior and Young Rider Championships Program

The NAJYRC branch focuses on developing riders and horses to create teams to represent Area I at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) each summer. Riders 14-18 compete at Preliminary/CCI*, and riders 16-21 compete at Intermediate/CCI**. There is a selection process by upper level riders that will determine which riders will represent the Area at the Championships. Throughout the year, there are mandatory training clinics and camps for qualified and (by invitation) potential NAJYRC candidates. This program is more structured than YRAP as the ultimate goal is to field a team that represents Area I. There are significant costs associated with participation in this program which can be reduced by successful team and individual fundraising.

Area I YR Coordinator: Deb Meek

Email:; Tel: 207-831-8256

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