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NAJYRC On the Road To Montana - Area I Horses Ship Out!

The Area I Selectors recently announced the riders and grooms that will be making the trip to Kalispell, Montana, for the Rebecca Farms 2017 North American Junior Young Rider Championships. And now the 8 horses are on the road as we speak, making the journey to Kalispell with a layover in Illinois. They will arrive Saturday am, thanks to Mark Choper and his team from Fairway Transportation!

Thank you to everyone who gave financial support, encouragement, every person and every business, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts - without you this would not be possible. We know "our kids" will do an exceptional job representing Area I. Please support me in congratulating and cheering on these wonderful YR's that will be defending their Team Gold and Individual Silver and Bronze Medals!

CICOY - 2 *
Cornelia Dorr with Sir Patico and Louis M

NAJC - 1 *
(Alphabetical order)
Rain Anderson – Limited Access
Erica Jarrell – Uni Sprite/Calon
William Jarrell – Grey Area
Natasha Knight – Harbour the Truth
Laine Metz – Queen of Spades
Sloane Pierpont – Indie

The selection of team and individuals has been decided, but will not be finalized until an assessment of horses and riders on arrival in Montana.

The final announcement will be made before the first horse inspection.

2017 NAJYRC Grooms will be flying out tomorrow to meet their charges at the NAJYRC in Kalispell Montana, under the watchful eyes of Chef d'Equipe Carol Mayo, Coach Buck Davidson and Head Groom Kathleen Murray!

Abby Niles, Taylor Freundlich, Faith Potorski, Katerina Garcia Chope, Madison Dasti, Magdalene Meek, Maia Lindner Liaw, Lea Adams Blackmore

Deb Meek, YR Coordinator - Area I, 207-831-8256

USEF Area Declaration March 1st DEADLINE

USEF Area Declaration – Action: All Riders To Declare Their Area by March 1st, 2017 – follow instructions below:

The USEF IT Department has confirmed today that the Area Declaration link is complete and available for use

  • Athletes need only logon to their “My USEF” account, click on then and the first option is the Area Declaration.
  • The Athlete’s Area according to their current address in the USEF system defaults in to the application and they need only hit confirm or input an alternate Area.
  • The Athlete will receive an e-mail confirmation and USEF will have a record of your declaration in the system.



NAJYRC 2017 FEI Selection Criteria: FINAL

New for 2017 - Action: All riders and horse owners are required to electronically sign (just type your name into the form) – and return to USEF Shealagh Costello by March 1, 2017
2017 USEA AREA Selectors / Selection Trials C
2017 USEA AREA I Selection Procedures D

Carol Mayo NAJYRC Co-ordinator & Chef d'Equipe, 508-654-6161.

Per FEI and USEF Criteria for 2017, all qualifying criteria is required to be posted prior to the first Observation Event.

Further to the 2017 FEI Criteria, each Area was assigned the task of further developing selection criteria standards for riders and grooms. Your Area I NAJYRC Selectors and Coach have been hard at work this past week creating the final criteria.
This final criteria has been incorporated into the language of the 2017 FEI document for context - it expands the FEI Selection Criteria Par 3 C/C. The FEI have not developed all of their forms, however, the requirement to publish prior to the first Observation Event prevails and we are publishing today.

Other noteworthy changes:

  1. If a rider wishes to be considered for a groom position, in the case on non selection as a rider, s/he is required to fill out the Area I Groom Application. The deadline for and (rider) groom applications is midnight March 30, 2017. All rider-groom applications must be on file with Chef Carol Mayo by that time to be accepted for 2017 team consideration. Additionally, any rider-groom candidates will be required to participate in the "groom selection assignments" at the Team Training Camp in June under Buck Davidson's Head Groom, Katherine Murray.
  2. The 2017 Observation Events have now been assigned a principal selector/s for each one. Other Selectors may attend on an "at large" basis.
  3. All riders must declare their Area to USEF prior to March 1, 2017 - this is a new FEI rule change for 2017.
  4. Groom Criteria for selection is outlined above.
The first of the individual fundraising monies for rider and groom candidates are due to Area I Treasurer George Cheney no later than March 1, 2017. Please refer to the details outlined on your application (address, etc).

If you have any questions, please contact Chef Carol.

Good luck, Deb Meek, Area I YR Coordinator, 207-831-8256,

Winter Training Sessions Announced for 2017 NAJYRC Rider Candidates – requires action – please respond to Carol Mayo by February 28th

The Road to Montana - 2017 NAJYRC Campaign
Kicked Off December 30, 2016: The new coach for Area I is Buck Davidson
Area I is honored Buck will be spearheading our Team of riders and grooms in their 2017 campaign!

Buck shared today, "I am very excited about the opportunity to coach Area I. As a past medalist from the NAYJRC who has been fortunate enough to win medals for the USA, I can attest to the importance of Young Riders. I grew up playing team sports, and know the value of a good coach. The coach needs to understand all the players and the players need to know and trust the coach. It is not always about the X's and O's!!

"I spend lots of time dreaming, and no dream is too big. We have a great team of people on the ground to make this as successful as possible for these riders and grooms." Buck went on to elaborate, "this is the right time for me to do this and along with the Area I Management Team, we will make Area I THE model program and team in the country. I have only one promise: the riders and grooms will be more exposed to the equestrian world after being part of the 2017 Area I NAJYRC Team. I'm looking forward to the ride!"

This year the Team will have a special Team Training Camp at Buck's farm in PA and new for 2017, groom candidates will be eligible to bring their horses to the team camp. All applicants must be current members of Area I's 2017 YR Program.

NAJYRC 2017 FEI Selection Criteria - USEF Update

  1. It is the responsibility of every NAJYRC candidate to check they are eligible by this new FEI Selection Criteria for 2017 NAJC and CICOY announced today – check your birthdates, horse criteria, qualification requirements, vet and FEI passport requirements, etc. Although the FEI Selection Criteria documents are still pending USEF approval – we are told little is expected to change. Please note: USEF will follow up with the Attachments referenced throughout the procedures in the coming weeks.
  2. As you will see, the procedures have been posted pending final approval by the USEF Board of Directors; however, we are told that USEF do not foresee any substantive changes being made.

    There are a few changes to the administrative process including but not limited to the following:

    1. In the past, only Athletes who wished to complete for an Area other than the one in which they “officially resided” were required to complete an Area Declaration. In order to avoid any confusion, for 2017 all Athletes will be required to complete an Area declaration through their My USEF Account. The link to the declaration is not in place as yet but USEF hope it will be very soon and Area 1 will notify everyone the moment the option is made available.
    2. Applications for the NAJC and CICOY will be accepted on line only and the deadline is May 15, 2017. The application is also being worked on at this time and USEF hope to have it available in the next 2-3 weeks.

  3. Observation Event - Area 3 - Rocking Horse Winter II, Altoona FL – Area 3 - Feb 16-18th. Rider deadline 8th Feb to confirm to Chef Carol Mayo if you intend to ride at this event. A Selector will be assigned ONLY if candidate riders are confirmed present at the event.

NAJYRC 2017 FEI Selection Criteria: FINAL




Each year at the national championships, the USEA offers the chance for Young Riders to enter into the Mentorship Program. It is an outstanding opportunity to learn from the best in one of the many areas of expertise in our sport from course designing to being an FEI Vet. Deadline for submission for 2017 is TBD.

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